The True Cost of Cheap Clothes

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*photo borrowed from Elephant Journal*

Many of us care about what we put into our bodies but few think about what we put ON our bodies.
If people thought about their clothes the way they do about their food, I’d bet fast fashion would slowly disappear.

When shopping for food, we think about who’s farming it, the pesticides sprayed on it and even the global impact it has on our planet but why do we dismiss these thoughts when purchasing our clothes?

Are we really that obsessed with fashion that we’ll sacrifice the well being of others and the health of our planet to stay in style?

Is that cute, H & M t-shirt worth the suffering people go thru to make it?

True Cost.jpg

This weekend the One Earth Film Festival will be showing The True Cost, a documentary film that shows us who really pays the price for our cheap fashion. Whether you are a fashion lover or just a jeans-and-a-t-shirt kind of gal, you must see this movie. It will change your opinions on the fashion industry and that t-shirt won’t look so cute anymore. In fact, you’ll think it’s downright ugly.

I hope you’ll join me at Wire on Sunday at 3:30 to watch The True Cost and join in a discussion after. It’s time to see what happens behind the scenes of a multi-billion dollar industry we all contribute to and it’s time we act to stop it.

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-Germaine, Company Owner & Designer


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